Down Pipes


Downpipes come in various sizes and profiles depending on the application and size of your gutter. Standard sizes are available, however custom made sizes can be manufactured. Rectangular 75mm x 50mm or 100mm x 75mm. Circular 75mm or 100mm diameters.

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Domestic Gutters

These profiles are most commonly used on residential properties, there are two profiles namely the ogee (Victorian profile) and the box (VHV)profile. The ogee profile has 2 different sizes namely the 125 ogee (285mm girth) and 150 ogee (355mm girth).The 150 ogee is more commonly used for houses with slightly larger roof areas and also for aesthetic appeal as it is a much more prominent gutter. The box gutter is an optional profile for customers who prefer the square conventional shape. All above gutters are fitted with internal brackets fixed at 600 centres, fixed with self drilling screws into fascia or roof.

6 inch Box Gutter

Technical Specs

355 mm Girth
Inner 115mm
Outer 110mm
Bottom 121mm
Top width 150mm

5 inch Ogee

Technical Specs

285 mm Girth
Inner 85mm
Outer 85mm
Bottom 85mm
Top width 127mm

6 inch Ogee

Technical Specs

355mm Girth
Inner 100mm
Outer 110mm
Bottom 100mm
Top width 150mm