Down Pipes


Downpipes come in various sizes and profiles depending on the application and size of your gutter. Standard sizes are available, however custom made sizes can be manufactured. Rectangular 75mm x 50mm or 100mm x 75mm. Circular 75mm or 100mm diameters.

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Aquaduct Industrial Seamless Guttering

Why seam-less makes the others seem less? Because seams are the primary cause of corrosion and expensive gutter failure. Aquaduct has done away with them. Aquaduct's versatile roll forming system manufactures seam-less gutters on site to almost any profile, in a range of corrosion resistant metals, that ensure years of maintenance free operation. Because Aquaduct's seamless relining of corroded guttering lasts five to ten times longer than any other system, it is obviously also highly cost effective.


  • Seamless means: jointless, which means no rusting joints
  • Labour saving: means cost effective, means maintenance free
  • Use of corrosion resistant metals means: dramatic increase in life expectation up to 40 years
  • Industrial gutters produced on site in any required length.
  • No interruption of client's company daily work.

Gutter Profiles

Gutter Profiles

Launder Pipe Systems


Launder pipe is a drainage system that is created to drain a gutter where no Downpipes have been allowed for.


Launder pipes are mainly installed in industrial warehouses with internal aquaduct gutters. The need for launder pipes arises when : -

  • No storm water reticulation as been allowed for, ie, no storm drains and gulley's have been put in place for downpipes inside the warehouse.
  • When downpipes may get in the way, especially in warehouses with lots of traffic within, Downpipes may get damaged as a result of.
  • Falls are determined when installing and is site specific
  • Galvanised steel holderbats are suspended from the purlins according to the required fall using galvanised thread bar.
  • PVC pipes are hoisted into desired positions and fastened
  • PVC cone outlets are then installed, connecting from gutter into the launder pipe.
  • Launder pipes runs the entire length of the gutter leading outside the building.
  • Launder pipes are available in the following sizes :
    • 315mm diameter belled PVC pipe with a rubber seal ring
    • 200mm diameter belled PVC pipe with a rubber seal ring
    • 160mm diameter belled PVC pipe with a rubber seal ring
  • Galvanised steel thread bar used for suspending holderbats(12mm – 16mm)depending on diameter of pipe
  • Galvanised steel holderbats installed at 1m centres
  • PVC cone outlets installed at every 6m
  • All joints and interconnections are PVC welded as an added precaution.